the ultimate resource for calligraphers!

Phew, is it really November already! It seems everything is going at top speed here at The Fine Letter Studio. Lots of commissions and a new workshop in a few weeks time, nevermind trying to fit in a bit of family life here and there! However, the most exciting news of late is the recent launch of a fantastic new website called Calligrafile of which I am proud to be a small part of. It is quite simply the ultimate online resource for calligraphers, hand-letterers and type-enthusiasts!

Calligrafile, the brainchild of award-winning calligrapher and best-selling author Molly Suber Thorpe, contains a vast database of trusted art supplies, online tutorials, freelancer resources, print and web design tools, downloadable lettering specimens, digital lettering brushes and more!

In addition, Calligrafile hosts a blog providing insights, product spotlights and interviews with lettering pros, plus a forum for a community of lettering-lovers worldwide! And you can also keep up to date with unique product giveaways by following Calligrafile on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I'm super-proud to have been asked to be one of Calligrafile's founding contributors by Molly. I think it's a truly beautiful and much-needed asset to our community. And you could be a contributor too! Just drop Molly a line here. Do pop over and have a look around the site and don't forget to proudly hashtag 

Oh, and if you'd like to know a little more about me and behind the scenes here in the studio, then head over to the Calligrafile blog to read Molly's interview with me!

Til next time!

Leanda x