modern calligraphy workshops

In April I held my very first workshop, An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy! It was a lovely morning. I had some wonderful students and everything went just as well as I could've hoped for. I've just held my second workshop and I have a third planned for July. All of them take place at the Epoch Art Gallery here in Redhill. 

It was great to receive the tuition and feedback that’s hard to get from a book or the internet, such as how to hold the pen, the right pressure and the right angle to write. Thanks so much!
— workshop student

When I began teaching myself calligraphy back in 2013, I taught myself from books and the internet. I worked hard and was obsessive about it. Every spare minute of my day (and I don't get many spare minutes) were dedicated to my new found passion. But there were constant frustrations. Why did the ink bleed? Why was my nib scratchy? Why did my letters not look quite right? Why was I getting such horrendous back pain?

After four months of plugging away, and still not having found the right nib:paper:ink ratio, (right before I decided to give it up for good) I sought out the help of a teacher. It was a revelation! They were able to correct the position of my hand, tell me how to sit correctly, suggest alternative nibs and paper and generally analyze my writing. I came away from that lesson with my writing transformed. I realised there and then the incredible value of being taught in person. 

I've worked very hard on creating my workshop for beginners! Each student receives all the materials they need for the lesson as well as a comprehensive set of notes and worksheets. The aim is that by the end of the session they can use a dip pen and nib and will at least be able to write their name, although many achieve much more than that! And to help things along, there are fantastic coffees and brownies for all!

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot more than I thought I would in the time. I would love to do more courses with Leanda!
— workshop student

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, just pop over here where you will find a list of my current classes. Or just add yourself to my mailing list to be notified of new workshops when they are announced!