Hello again!

Thank you very much for attending my brush lettering workshop! As promised, I've made the notes and all the resources used in class available for you to download. The documents are in two separate parts so that you can easily print out the worksheet section multiple times for practice. If you just want to print out the final project again, simply download the worksheet section and set your printer to print the last page only. I would recommend you use a heavier paper such as this one.


I love seeing how my students are getting on, so don't forget to post your progress on Instagram and tag your photo @fineletterco so that I can have a look! Please also use the hashtags #finelettercoworkshop and #surreyartschool. And if you have any questions regarding your worksheets or any aspect of your learning please email me at hello@fineletterco.com.

and Just before you go...

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